Immigration questionnaire

Personal details of main applicant

Please indicate the " since date" in the case of the selected option (marriage, diverse or widowed)

Travel documents
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Current address and contact details
Have you ever been to destination country of destination?
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Intended place of stay in country of destination
How will the accommodation be arranged?
Number of rooms
Do you intend to maintain your permanent residence outside the country of destination?
Will family members accompany you to country of destination?
Purpose of stay in country of destination?
I intend to stay no longer than twelve months in the country of destination and apply for a visa that covers the whole duration of my stay
Intended duration of stay in country of destination
Do you have health insurance that covers the country of destination
References in the ….country…… (e. g. employer, educational establishment, relatives)
Have you ever been convicted?
If yes, please specify:
Have you ever been expelled or deported from the ….country…., had an application for a residence permit rejected, or been refused entry into the ….country…..?
Do you suffer from any diseases (please also state if you are suspected of suffering from any diseases)?
Main applicant parents’ details
Spouse / Registered partner
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Information on the applicant’s children (please also mention children aged over 18 years)